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How to Be Beautiful : Choosing The Perfect Dress Colors

The best beauty investment you will ever make is the time and energy you take in finding out your perfect colors! Use this chart to choose the colors for your dress, makeup, accessories.



How to choose your own special palette
Follow the steps below to find the most perfect shades for your skin tone, hair color and eye color. Knowing your colors is the first step in making sure you look terrific for every occasion. Why? It will help you build a completely coordinating wardrobe, choose the right makeup and create an image for day or  night that will reflect the true you.

The Queen of Color and author of Color Me Beautiful, Carole Jackson says, 

"It's fun. It's easy. It's foolproof."

Step 1 Your Skin Tone Test
Skin tone is the most important factor in determining the colors that look best on you.
It is your particular combination of pigments that make up your unique skin tone.

Most women with Oriental or African heritage are considered to be winters and look best in that specific palette. For the rest of us, knowing our skin tone is essential.

A quick way to learn your skin tone is to recall the color of your skin when you are exposed to the sun.

If you tend to look pinkish, like the lovely Cate Blanchett,  after being in the sun, you are a winter or a summer and will benefit from wearing colors with blue or pink undertones.

Dark Hair? Go to column 1

Light or Medium Hair? For those of you with light to medium hair, the summer palette 2 will be best for you.


n the other hand, if you tan to a golden brown when you are in the sun, you are either an Autumn or a Spring. Jennifer Aniston, right, is the ultimate 'Golden Girl".

If your hair is auburn, copper, strawberry or golden blonde, you will be prettiest in the Autumn colors, (3)

And lastly, if your hair is light brown or blonde, then your best colors will certainly include those in column (4)

Step 2 Your Color History
Pick the group of colors from the lists below that have been the most flattering to you. Pick the group that has brought you compliments from others. Which group is best for you?

1 Winter 2 Summer 3 Autumn 4 Spring
Navy Soft Blues Dark Brown Golden Brown
Black Rosy Brown Camel Camel
White Navy Beige Golden Yellow
Reds Rose Pink Oranges Peachy Pink
Hot Pinks Lavender Golds Peach
Gray Plum Moss Green Soft Blues
  If you picked Group 1 you are:  

WINTER and you look best in cool, vivid, icy colors with blue undertones. Your prom dress could be crimson, purple, grey, black, white, red or shocking pink


  If you picked Group 2 you are:  

SUMMER and you look best in cool, soft colors with blue undertones. You will look wonderful in mauves, greens, lavenders, pearl grey or roses for evening .


  If you picked Group 3 you are:  

AUTUMN You look good in moss greens, golds, oranges and browns, in the daytime, but you will want your dressy night time look a little richer, like periwinkle, teal, jade or russet.


  If you picked Group 4 you are:  

SPRING Your colors are clear delicate or bright. You look good in peachy pinks, camel, golden yellow, but for evening, do violet, coral, periwinkle or turquoise. 


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